This is a Professional Partnership founded and owned by Megawati Tjandra and Greg Scott, each of the principles have their own specialities (Architectural Engineering and Science) We’re small enough to care but big enough to tackle most design problems.
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Partners in your Project - let us do it right for you
Member of The Institute of Engineers Australia - Civil College - 3693666,
Member Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia  (Indonesian Institute of Architects) 12731092900
Our business includes AutoCAD and Building Design Services, Engineering Solutions, Specialist (IR) photography, Scientific Imaging, and general Photographic Services.
    Within the Development part of the Business we do:
Drafting and Design Services available (Autocad)
Engineering design and solutions - checked
Development Application Preparation to Council Ready Stage
Site Analysis Statements
Statements of Environmental Effects
Heritage Listing Impact Statements
Design Services include
Renovations, New designs ,Commercial and Retail Space
We have several optimised Granny Flats designs available
2 bedroom 55.44 sq metres  and the 1 bedroom version is 40.38 sq metres  - The designs are of  fixed dimensions and cost $700 including a Statement of Environmental Effects—these granny flats are of optimised dimensions to reduce construction costs.

    If you have the idea we can design it for you

Documentation Prepared include
Site plans, Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections
Site Analysis Statements
Statement of Environmental Effects
Heritage Listed Statements
Others as required by Council

General Inspection
Moisture /rising Damp etc
Scientific Services include
Infra Red Imaging and Analysis for Stress and Moisture
Cavity Inspection (Camera)
Photographic Services

General Photographic
Studio with equipment hire

Technical Writing - documents prepared as required
Partners in your Project - If you've got the vision we can help make it a reality
We are a service providing Organisation.
Our intent is to:
Web Page Maker, create your own web pages.